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Total Pool and Spa Services

Professional Pool Cleaning and Repair

Complete Parts Department

Keep your swimming pools clean and efficient with help from Mission Pool and Spa Supplies in Mission Viejo, CA. We are capable and properly equipped to perform various maintenance services for both residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. Whether you need pool cleaning or repair services, our team is ready to help. Count on our professionals to deliver superior-quality services without stressing your budget.

Our Pool Maintenance Services Include:

  • Minor Deck Work

    All decking (mastic), coping, brick and tile work.

  • Pool Cleaning and Acid Washing

Monthly service or just a one-time special clean. We will keep your water sparkling and healthy. We test the water and make the necessary chemical adjustments. We empty the pump and skimmer baskets. We will brush, net and vacuum. We perform a visual inspection of pool equipment, pool cleaners and even chek filter pressure. We help keep you and your family safe year-round! We are also available to do your filter and salt cell cleaning.

  • Acid Washes & Chlorine Washes

Is your plaster looking dirty or stained despite the constant brushing? You may be the perfect candidate for an acid wash. Bring back your pool's youth! As part of a green to clean algae treatment sometimes a chlorine wash is needed, especially with stubborn algae stains. The entire pool surface is scrubbed with chlorine, which disinfects and sanitizes the algae spores. The chlorine cleans the surface very well and removes dirt can sometimes remove stains

  • Pool Equipment Upgrades

We install and upgrade all major brands of equipment like Pentair, Hayward, Jandy and Raypak. Whether you are looking for top of the line or just a more efficient means, Mission Pool & Spa supplies have trained technicians to replace and upgrade your pool system. We install pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, lights automation systems and more!

  • Pool Equipment Repair

We repair all major pool equipment and are known for being able to locate hard-to-find parts. We work on all makes and models. We will do everything possible to repair and save you money!


Free Chemical Delivery!

Social distancing got you stuck at home? Don't let your pool suffer. Stay safe both from the virus and in your pool and spa.

Some of our most popular items
(tax included:

4-Pack Returnable Chlorine $25.64
2-Pack Disposable Chlorine $17.19
2-Pack Muriatic Acid $15.68
6lb. Diatomaceous Earth $14.28
24lb. Diatomaceous Earth $24.73
1lb. Shockwave $5.33
9lb. Alkalinity up $31.19
8lb. Chlor Save (Cyanuric acid) $46.28
4lb. Bromine Tabs $50.59
Pool Salt $11.80